the time we bought a house down the street.

Here’s the thing — the hubs and I lived in our current neighborhood for 3 years in a rental house.  When we decided to buy, we looked at what felt like thousands of houses of all different styles, sizes, and locations. We didn’t know what we wanted or where we wanted to be.  Both of us had heartburn over leaving our beloved neighborhood, which is in the most perfect location for us.  But we thought, hey, this is what people do, right?  You move, you get used to a new area, you forget about your old neighborhood.  The first house we put an offer on was this one.


Yep, all 2,300 square feet of this house I loved.  Except for the landscaping, and that old roof…and the old HVAC system….and also the chain-link fence in the back. Needless to say it wasn’t a match made in heaven — we asked for a lot in our offer, the sellers said no, so we parted ways.  The next house was actually a rash decision kinda offer, and thank goodness it didn’t work out because we really didn’t love it. I don’t even have a picture and can’t remember the street name- it was that forgettable. It was your typical colonial, way bigger than we needed, updated, but just blah.  It was also far away from our work and basically everywhere we go.  So many cons, so few pros.

So after two failed offers and looking at countless houses, we decided to take a break from looking.  Well fate is a funny thing because later that night I decided to look at our handy dandy house-hunting website that our realtor set up for us (all new listings with our criteria would be listed in one convenient place for us) just because it was a Friday night and what else do you do while mindlessly watching Netflix?  And there it was.  This amazing little Cape Cod  on the corner two streets over from where we lived.  We frequently would drive past and talk about how cute and amazing it was. The house had just come on the market at 4pm that afternoon, so we immediately called our realtor and told him we had to see the house!  We went first thing the next morning, loved it, made an offer, they accepted, and rest was history.  It was meant to be. And what’s even crazier is that we closed on our house exactly six months after we got married.  Destiny!




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