project numero uno: curb appeal

Stage one of what I’m calling the curb appeal project just kind of happened one day with no planning.  Whoops! We closed on our house on a Friday, the previous owners rented back until Monday, and then immediately Tuesday morning the floors were being redone. If you have ever had experience with refinishing hardwoods, you know you can’t even put a toe on them for 5 days. Absolute torture to not be able to get in and start doing stuff. I was itching to do SOMETHING, anything, to our little house.  I went over one afternoon and stood in the driveway and  decided that this funky little walkway thing had to go. It was a weird little corner with a scraggly rose bush (not my cup of tea), a dying Nandenia, and some concrete landscaping pavers.  Boring. Blah.

IS95mtkp1xf9y21000000000I ripped out that rose bush, dug up the Nandenia and replanted it in the back (it’s still trying to hang on for dear life) and reused the pavers somewhere else.  Fast forward to a couple of months later….


Viola!  Completely transformed.  I added 6 Liriope, a giant Hosta relocated from another area in the yard, and another type of ground cover called Blue Daze.  After planting everything, we grabbed some stones from the nearby stream to build a border and topped it off with some mulch.  Amazing what a little money and some sweat can do!

Total effort – not much

Total time – about 2 hours (spread out over several months!)

Total money – around  $33 ($24 for liriope, $6 for Blue Haze, $3 bag of mulch)

Total upkeep- not much beside the occasional spreading of some epsom salt to keep away those pesky slugs…aaaand all the plants will come back each year! Win win!

Stage 2 of the curb appeal project…now, that was an entirely different beast. More on that later.


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