I cannot stop thinking about dining rooms.  It’s my latest house obsession.  Our current dining room sits empty and needs so much work.  Here is a picture of what it looked like when the previous owners lived here.room
It looks the same- minus the furniture and rug. Those red walls.  Ugh.  I can’t.  I HATE them.  And that light fixture – what is it?
In our last house our kitchen table was the dining room table. The kitchen was a galley kitchen so there was literally no room for a table. The dining room was also in the middle of the house- between the kitchen and the hallway to the rest of the house.  So you had no choice to walk through it everyday.  We really used it more like a hallway and a catch-all for stuff- mail, jackets, purse, etc. Well the Casual Cape has a proper dining room with a butler’s pantry!  Technically it’s not a real butler’s pantry BUT in the description of the house when it was listed, that’s what they called it so I’m rolling with it. It’s more like a built in wet bar? Minus the sink and bev fridge. Idk. Point is we have a proper dining room and no furniture to put in it!  It absolutely has to be finished by the fall because of the sister’s wedding.  So I’ve been dreaming all sorts of dreams about our dining room.  I can’t decide!  I originally stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest and was inspired by it.
So then I created this mood board with more of a contemporary coastal vibe to flow with the overall goal for the Casual Cape.


BUT I can’t decide if I want to do something with more of a traditional splash like this table and chairs.


via Bungalow Blue Interiors

In the meantime, I guess I should get busy painting those red walls.  It’s going to take a while…. #hatepainting


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