guest bathroom

So I’ve changed the guest bathroom a million times and I’m still not happy with it.  Something never seems quite right.  I blame it on the shower curtain.  Soon after we moved in I discovered that the shower curtain bar had been hung way higher than a the normal 72″ from the ground.  I guess that’s all fine and dandy UNLESS you have a shower curtain that is the normal 72″ x 72″.  So I decided to remove that ridiculously high bar and replace it with a tension shower curtain rod.  Lickety split, problem solved! Wrong. Because of where the shower/tub stall starts, the bar really can’t go much lower that 70″ leaving about 2″ of exposed tub, making my shower curtain have a horrible case of highwaters. Cue awkward flashbacks to middle school when people would yell, “Hey where’s the flood?!”  Well, actually, the flood is in my BATHROOM BECAUSE THE SHOWER CURTAIN ISN’T LONG ENOUGH.  Ugh.  I actually have quite a few shower curtains because I like to hoard collect them (no joke, I currently have 5 and got rid of 2 when we moved!), so I really don’t want to buy a new one.  One shower curtain I have is long enough BUT it is a solid white waffle, which just seems to really make the bathroom so blah.  But I think I’m going to stick with it and try to jazz up the bathroom some other way.  I’ve thought about painting the vanity a dark gray.  The walls are already painted Silver Drop by Behr (left column) and I’m not changing that.  I can’t decide on a gray color for the cabinet. I think I like the third one, right column…”Anonymous” by Behr.  Thoughts?
guest bathroom colors
I’m also going to switch out the fixtures to all match. The light, faucet, and shower fixtures are brushed nickel, and the towel bars are oil-rubbed bronze.  I really having a moment of loving the oil-rubbed bronze look and have resisted changing them, but the time has come.  It’s cheaper to replace the towel bars than all the other fixtures.  So brushed nickel it is.
Anyways, here’s my current aspirations for the guest bathroom. Sigh. So perfect. Stayed tuned for the continued saga.
guest bathroom



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