curb appeal part 2

So I have this tendency to just jump into projects.  It amuses the hubs – recently he left to run an errand and when he came back 20 minutes later, I had removed the stairwell railing and primed the entire stairwell. So naturally part two of the curb appeal project happened the same way.  (I actually think I had gone out to check the mail and decided just to trim a bush, which then led to a two day, ten hour project…whooops!) Read about part 1 of the curb appeal project here.

Let me back up – I seriously hate azaleas.  I know, I know, how is that possible?!  I think it goes back to growing up in a little southern town with them EVERYWHERE.  I’m just sick of them.  When we first laid eyes on the Casual Cape and I saw those giant, overgrown azaleas in the front of the house, I knew they had to go.  I researched for months what to do with them- what would be the easiest way to get rid of them or should I just cut them way back and let them start over?  When I started pruning them, my hatred of them won and I decided they had to go completely.
In my experience, these are the handy dandy tools you need for a task like this.  The older and bigger the azaleas, the more complex the root systems are. And let me tell you that’s no joke.  That’s why you really need #3 to hack away at all those roots. We started by cutting the azalea down to stubs and then proceeded to dig them out.  It took us 5 hours to dig out five (massive) azaleas.  Horrible/never want to do that again.
curb appeal part 2


The next day was the fun part – deciding what to plant!  I like the landscaping around the base of a house to stay small, neat, and clean so that you can still see the house.  I’ve been pinterest-ing (do you follow me on pinterest?!) my heart out for inspiration and fell in love with all of these houses and their landscaping.







Ultimately I decided on Nandina’s and Indian Hawthorn.  Low maintenance, bushy, really hard to kill, and barely anything will eat them.  Also, the Nandina will change colors in the fall and the Indian Hawthorn will have small white flowers in the spring.  house

The plants are really small still, but when they fill out they will be perfect.


 The next step to adding some curb appeal is adding window boxes.  I’ll leave with you these drool worthy window boxes I’m dreaming about.


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