Let’s talk about yardwork.  The dreaded task that never ends…always something to do, something to take care of.  They don’t call it yardwork for nothing, right?  I will say though that the sense of accomplishment after taking care of the yard that you actually own is a pretty cool thing.  Our rental house had a much bigger yard and let me tell you – we avoided taking care of that yard at all cost.  Something about it not really being ours came into play.


A little yardwork humor for ya! Ha!

It’s no secret that I love projects— always itching to do something, make something prettier, nicer, change it up.  I also love writing lists…it’s the teacher in me.  So of course I created a list of all the yardwork projects that I would *like* to accomplish in the Casual Cape. And anytime I write a list, I have to have the essentials: a cute notebook and my favorite pens!


  1. power wash/stain/seal deck
  2. power wash and re-paint shed
  3. lay gravel around foundation of house in back
  4. seed, weed, and fertilize grass
  5. kill/remove ivy and Virginia Creeper vines on fence
  6. remove azaleas from side of house (ugh MORE azaleas)
  7. plant ferns on side of house
  8. cut back crepe myrtle at driveway and corner of  house
  9. window boxes under front windows
  10. garden bed by deck – plant hydrageas
  11. re-gravel driveway
  12. mulch everywhere
  13. plant liropie along fence in backyard
  14. replace outdoor light fixtures (front door, lamp post, and side door)
  15. new mailbox (or just paint/repair existing one?)
  16. paint front door a fun color


Phew that exhausts me just reading that list! Anyone want to help?!


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