outdoor living

Good morning friends!  I am dragging today- stayed up way too late finishing a book.  Don’t you just love when that happens?  You get so into a book you have to finish it?!  Check it out here.


Anyway, today I’m thinking about outdoor spaces. I have all kinds of dreams of lounging on my deck in the most beautiful space that feels like an extension of our living room.  Reality is I hate being hot, get so annoyed by mosquitoes, and terrified of Zika virus.  So maybe this lounging will have to take place in the fall? I love the fall!  That makes me happy just thinking about it!  Also, deck furniture is expensive y’all!  It’s waaaaay down on our priority list of things to buy for the Casual Cape.

So for now here is our current deck set-up.



Our deck is huge.  It runs the entire width of the house.  All our deck furniture is stuff we already had.
When we first moved in, and it wasn’t a 1,000 degrees yet, I would sit out here in the morning!  The coffee table is actually the Ikea Vittsjo Nesting Table.  It used to be our real coffee table, but we have a different one now. It was just sitting unused for about a year, so I decided I might as well use it out here!  Eventually (read: when summer stuff goes on sale at stores) I want to get outdoor cushions and throw pillows.
This little build-out around the tree is so weird, and ideally I would like it to be gone.  For now I am hiding it with potted plants.
This is the mood board I made for my dream deck.  I want to have one end of the deck be a lounging area with a gorgeous couch, and the other end the eating space with a table.
outdoor living


Beautiful, right?!  What are your thoughts on outdoor spaces?

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