after wedding brunch

Good morning friends!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  I spent the weekend with the sister, which inspired this post!

So my sister is getting married this fall, and the hubs and I are hosting a morning after wedding brunch at the Casual Cape!  I’m super excited to be planning this! Planning my wedding was the most stressful thing in the world, and I did not enjoy the planning process. So this time around, I’m not stressed at all because I’m not the bride! I’m just excited about how fun it’s going to be! My sister’s wedding vibe is very clean and modern, and just very cool. For the morning after brunch I want it to be similar, but also a tad bit girly- do something that I know she would never do for herself, but secretly would love!
after wedding brunch


Brunch to do list:
  1. order invitations
  2. guest list
  3. find cocktail napkins
  4. tassel garland
  5. big balloons with tassels
  6. other balloons?
  7. candles and candle holders
  8. decide on menu
  9. order any breakfast items
  10. fun champagne glasses?
  11.  paper straws
  12. plan out brunch set up
  13. find cute appetizer plates

The items crossed out I already accomplished!  I actually found those randomly at HomeGoods and they led me to deciding on a color scheme for the brunch (gold, silver, and white).  Sister approved!  I’m sure this list will change as the planning continues, but for now that’s all I can think of.


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