what’s your design style?

Hey y’all!  Have you ever taken those design quizzes that give you a label for your design aesthetic?  I think they’re so fun! Sometimes I don’t agree with answers they give you, and some of the quizzes seem to only be programmed to give you the basic like traditional, modern, mid-century modern, etc.

Today I thought it would be fun to round up some of the quizzes out there!

  • The first quiz is by Decorist.  They give you a series of pictures, ask you a question, and you pick your preference.  The only thing I don’t like about this quiz is sometimes I  didn’t like any of the pictures given, but you still had to pick one! My results: traditional.  I would say this is about 40% accurate…



  • Second quiz by MyDomaine asks you seemingly random questions.  I’m not sure how they figured this one out.  My results:  California Eclectic.  So not me.  I couldn’t disagree more with this.   12


  • Better Homes and Garden quiz was okay and seemed somewhat accurate – in that I like casual and informal rooms.  I hate the term cottage because all I think of is Shabby Chic and I’m not a fan of that. c


  • Homepolish quiz was my favorite and so accurate!  Side story about Homepolish, yesterday I was listening to Young House Love Has A Podcast by Young House Love (link to the episode I was listening to)  and they were talking to Orlando Soria who works for this company! Their work is beautiful!s


Overall I don’t think I’m really just one style… I think I’m a mix of traditional and contemporary.  This blog post by Studio McGee is my absolute favorite! I love everything about this house featured. Below is the mood board by Studio McGee on mixing traditional and modern styles.

Click the link to see the entire post and more pictures!  I LOVE her style.

Mixing Styles: Traditional + Modern || Studio McGee:

What is your interior design style?  Do you agree with the quiz results?  Happy quiz taking!


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