house tour: guest bedroom

Hi friends!  So today is the second stop on the house tour of the Casual Cape.  You can read about the living room here if you missed it!  The guest room was actually one of the first rooms we painted.  It was a dark khaki color which wasn’t horrible, but just not my cup of tea. This is how it looked when we looked at the house:



We painted the room using Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Silver Drop.  So far the living room, guest room, hallways, and bathrooms are painted this color. The kitchen will also be painted this color.

And here is the room after we moved in and painted!


I love this room so much! Not much is changed in this room from our last guest room, but for some reason I just love it so much more!

As you can tell I love geometric prints. These imperial trellis print curtains are actually made from sheets. For real! I made them 8 years ago and I still love them!   The gray ikat pillows used to be in our living room, but it was too much with all the greek key patterns we have in there.


This sweet little bookshelf is Threshold from Target about 9 years ago!  g4

This lamp I found at a thrift store years ago and I just love it.  It needed some cleaning, new electrical, and a cuter shade! Replacing electrical wiring in lamps isn’t that hard with those handy lamp kits they make now. You can usually pick them up for around $10 at your home improvement stores!

The photograph series above the bed was made by childhood bestie.  She is a very talented photographer!  She took these photos of Charleston, SC when she was visiting me one weekend (I used to live there.)  Then she did her photographer magic and put the letters over top the photos so that they spell out Charleston.  So creative!

What are your guest room essentials?  I always love reading those lists you see about making a guest room inviting and comfortable. This one I pinned forever ago and think it just the prettiest.


Hope you enjoyed our guest room!


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