add it to the list

How many of you are list makers?  I’m a list maker, but not a die hard list maker. This makes me chuckle because one of my dear friends is a list maker extraordinaire- the Queen of Lists!  She is always making lists for everything and her list notebook is never too far from her. Interestingly enough I never make daily to do lists.  I learned a long time ago those stress me out so bad. I start going crazy and writing down ridiculous things like eat lunch, breathe, get dressed – things I would obviously do even if it wasn’t written on a list! On my phone I always keep several different category of lists that never are deleted.  I update them, but never delete! It looks like this:


Money going out of our accounts on what dates, books I have read/should read, stuff to get at Lowes, things to buy for the house, a wish list, passwords, just the usual stuff.  I have a separate notebook where I make lists of house stuff – paint colors, projects, blog ideas, etc.  I like having a notebook dedicated to the Casual Cape to keep everything contained in one book.  I  love reading other people’s lists, so today I thought I would share what’s currently on the (interior) project list! You can read the exterior project list in this post.


Our number one priority is finishing all the painting first- this includes the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom vanities.  After that maybe changing light fixtures?  Luckily some of these things on the list are really simple and can be accomplished in an hour or two!  I would LOVE to finish this entire list before summer is over but that’s pretty ambitious!


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