Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends!  Today I am linking up with one of my favorite blogs to share five things I’m thinking about/loving/looking forward to!


  1. The new Star Trek movie comes out today!!  The hubs and I are going to see it tonight. I am a major nerd and love all Star Trek, Star Wars, and superhero movies.  I can’t help it!  So so excited!!s


2. The hubs and I are taking a trip to Wilmington, NC this upcoming week and I can’t wait!  We randomly decided to visit this little town back in the Spring and we have slowly planned this trip.  w

3. This coffee table book Beaches by Gray Malin. I think I need this for real. It is so so so beautiful.

4. I’m loving this easy DIY project from Southern Curls & Pearls blog on making your own pom-pom beach bag!  I might just have to try this!


5. And I’m loving these wise words are speaking to me right now.


via designlovefest

 Happy weekend to you!


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