brunch invitations

Hi everyone!  So if you remember the sister is getting married this fall, and the hubs and I are a hosting a brunch the morning after the wedding at the Casual Cape!  The sister’s wedding date is getting closer and closer and I really need to decide on invitations.  You can check out the mood board for this brunch here.

The sister’s wedding invitations are simple, clean, and modern.  Totally fitting for her personality and her wedding personality.  I want the invitation for the brunch to be a little bit more graphic and feel more like a normal party invitation.

This option I LOVE.  But doesn’t it feel a little too bridal shower like?


This has less of a bridal shower feel, and is more simple and modern. It doesn’t wow me though.


This one is amazing and is so my sister, but is it too formal feeling for a brunch?


This one is simple and clean, my sister would like it, but I think it’s too simple.


This one might just be the winner, but I have to make sure it’s sister/bride approved!



Which invitation is your favorite?  Know of any good places to order invitations besides Minted?


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