wilmington recap

Happy Thursday friends!  Today I’m doing a little #tbt and talking all about our mini-vacay to NC.  I’m warning you this is a long one!

The hubs and I decided a while ago that this summer we wanted to visit Wilmington, NC. So we slowly planned this mini-vacay, and I can’t tell you enough how fun it was!  We stayed in downtown Wilmington, two blocks from the riverfront, at this cute little place called The Wilmingtonian Inn.

I’m not gonna lie, when the hubs first found this place I was a little nervous because it seemed kinda…..dated?  But, for real, it was soooo cute, super clean, and the staff was amazing.  We could not have been happier!

The picture on the left is the little porch area outside our room, which overlooked the garden area at the inn.  On the right is a picture of our room. The entire inn is nothing but suites, so we actually had a kitchen and sitting area plus the bedroom and bathroom.

When we got to Wilmington we checked in and then walked around downtown. The downtown area reminded me so much of Charleston, especially upper King St. like 7 years ago when it was going through revitalization. We ate at Chop’s Deli for a late lunch and it was delicious!  I’m still dreaming about the bbq sandwich I had. Yum!


After lunch we walked down to the riverfront, which is going through some major construction.  One of the streets was shut down for a little farmer’s market, so we wandered through that.  Then we headed back to our room to nap- it had been an early start for us that day! After resting and refreshing, we headed out to Wrightsville Beach, which was like a 15 minute car ride from downtown.  We ate dinner at South Beach Grill which was crazy busy, but worth the wait!


Inside the restaurant there was a massive chalkboard that listed all the food items from the menu and where they were sourced from – from the meat and seafood to the potatoes and veggies!  So neat!  Everything was local to NC, except the crabs which were from Maryland.  After we ate we walked out to the beach and soaked in the scenery.

We woke up early the next morning and walked down to the Cotton Exchange to wander around the shops and get some coffee at the local coffee place! The Cotton Exchange is a group of very old buildings that have been converted into tiny little shops.  You wander from building to building via creaky old staircases and brick walkways, and all throughout there are old pictures and artifacts from the buildings.

After wandering around we headed back to our room to get ready for the beach!  On the way out to the beach, we stopped at Beach Bagels for a bite to eat. This place was delicious and reminded us so much of a local bagel place back home in VA.  And how adorable is their logo?  A swordfish with a bagel through it’s bill…so clever!


We parked ourselves at the beach for the rest of the day and it was amazing.  The water was so clear – literally you could see the bottom when you were standing in the water.


While lounging at the beach, I started the new Mary Kubica book, Don’t You Cry. I ended up finishing it on the drive home.  Check out what I thought of the book here.


beach1After hanging at the beach all day, and getting a wee bit roasted, we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner.  We went to Km38 Baja Grill for dinner, which just might have been the yummiest thing I’ve eaten in a long time!
FullSizeRender (29)

The only picture I took was of the front door while we waited for a table! After we ate we drove around this gorgeous neighborhood with the most amazing houses.  We love looking at houses, so we got intentionally lost ogling over how perfect they all were.

The next morning, before we hit the road, we went to this antique shop I’d been dying to go in called The Thrill of the Hunt.


We wanted to find some kind of souvenir of our trip, and we had no luck at the shops we looked at the day before. We popped into this sweet little shop and found the perfect thing!


We bought this cast iron mermaid and starfish for $8 a piece!  What a steal!  The mermaid actually has a hook on the back, so I’m trying to find the perfect place to hang her up in the Casual Cape!  We stopped for one last bite to each at Beach Bagels and then hit the road.


What a fun little getaway with this sweet hubs of mine!  Can’t wait to visit again!


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