oriental rugs

You guys, I planned to do this entire post on the dining room project I tackled this weekend (really just painting).  But after putting the room back together after the paint dried I started really thinking about the rug we have in our dining room. Before I dive into the rug conversation, here is a little before and after of our room (sorry for the bad lighting, that’s something else we have to change in this room!)



Before we even moved into the Casual Cape I knew I wanted to paint the dining room a color with some green in it.  Check out my dining room inspiration post here.  For a split second I thought of going with a true gray, but after trying a swatch I quickly decided no.  I researched colors on Pinterest and settled on Rocky Mountain Sky by Behr (my favorite paint brand) .

I swear in person it seems that it has green undertones, which was my goal.  The hubs swears it has blue and can’t see the green.  I don’t know.  But you guys, after getting it all painted and the rug back down, my curtains back up, etc. I didn’t fall in love with it.  Insert panic.  Why don’t I love it??? Is it the paint color?  Is it the rug?  The curtains?  Wahh!

Well after sitting in the room for awhile I started thinking about oriental rugs.  What’s your thoughts on them? I personally love them. I feel like when people think of oriental rugs they tend to think traditional, formal, and stuffy, which maybe scares them away from using them, but this isn’t the case at all!  The million dollar question I’m asking myself is can an oriental rug go in a house that has a more coastal vibe- and I’m talking your typical red/burgundy oriental rug??  So I started searching for inspiration.


via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Not coastal, but definitely easy, breezy, relaxed.


via Erin Williamson Design

Lovely bedroom.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Veneer Designs.
Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Veneer Designs.

This kitchen, omg I love it.


via My Domaine

Such a fun entry way! Love the lucite console table!

So after searching for hours a little bit, I couldn’t find an image of a room with what I felt was a coastal vibe with an oriental rug.  Let me back up, what I define as casual coastal is more the feeling the room gives with maybe a few tried and true coastal elements (i.e. a seagrass rug, maybe some natural wood colors, etc.) I do not mean pastel colors with white furniture everywhere and star fish and seahorse print everything.  That to me is Beach House vibe. I created my own mood board for what I’m searching for.


This is it.  This room feels coastal to me.  From the white curtains, the drift wood buffet, the blue and white accents, to the whitewashed dining table and the palm leaves, I love it! The paint color is the actual color I just painted the walls, Rocky Mountain Sky.  The rug is not the same as what we have, but very close. So can an oriental rug work in a coastal vibe house?  Well, I am certainly going to try!


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