life lessons from a dining room

Y’all blog silence yesterday was due to a thrifting adventure with a dear friend. We went to so many thrift stores and antique shops, and by the end of the day I was a sweaty mess. It seemed like every place we went had no AC and was a mere 1,000 degrees. In combination with the heat and all the old smelling furniture and dust, and to top it off for some reason I decided to wear jeans yesterday, it was not a pretty sight.  What was I thinking?? It really was fun though. Oh, but one aside- at one of the stores they had the same mermaid we bought in Wilmington (read about it here). I was heartbroken!!!!  I thought we found a one of kind, local jem!  The hubs said maybe the lady who owns the store bought it in Wilmington and put it in her shop?  I doubt it, but that’s the story I am going to tell myself.

The most exciting thing about yesterday….I bought a table!!! It was an amazing deal on a custom farmhouse table.  The craftsmanship is amazing and the stain is just gorgeous. I had a wee bit of buyers remorse was freaking out after we finally got the table home.  Getting the table home was an adventure that involved me driving a Ford F250 on the interstate…it looked something like this.1

Hahahaha just kidding, it didn’t look like that.  I really looked like this:


But seriously in this picture it doesn’t look nearly as big and bulky as it felt!  I have never driven anything bigger than an SUV so it was an experience!  If you ever need a truck, Home Depot to the rescue — you can rent this thing for $19 for 75 minutes and a $50 deposit, which you get back, or $69 for a day.  Such a deal and so easy.

Anyway, when we finally got the table home and in the room, and I sent pictures to a million people and the responses were coming back, I started getting buyers remorse. The reactions weren’t what I thought/wanted/expected and they made me so sad. I started to doubt my decision!! After working myself into a tizzy, and convincing myself that I made a mistake, and that I had to find a way to return the table (which isn’t possible), I confessed all this to the hubs. He asked me why I even care what other people think?  It’s our house, our decisions and our opinions are the only ones that matter.  If I want an oriental rug under a farmhouse table in a house that everywhere else is decorated so differently then do it. So long story short, I am.  I am going to love it and forget all the other opinions! And in all fairness to my friends I did ask their opinion sooooo it’s kinda my fault!

So here it is:


The table seats 8 people comfortable, and I love that it’s not as large as you would think an eight person table would be.  It came with two benches, which I really wasn’t crazy about at first, but it is nice having seating already.  The two ladder back chairs came from the kitchen.  Our table in there is pushed up again the wall and four chairs were unnecessary- plus we n-e-v-e-r eat in the kitchen.  Eventually I would love to get 6 chairs, something like these:

With two chairs at the head of the table like these:

Ikea has some really good chair options for decent prices, but chairs have to wait.  I can’t rationalize any more big purchases any time soon.

I’ve always been the type of person that cares too much what other people think about me. When I was talking to my childhood bestie (she’s the wisest person and knows me so well) about all this she said something that really resonated with me. She told me that of course I care what people think about the dining room because it’s something I care about and criticism about something you are passionate about from people you want to like it is always hard to hear, whether they are right or wrong.  I told you she’s super wise. It seems so silly and ridiculous when I type this and think about what a tizzy I was in, but for real I needed perspective on the situation. #firstworldproblems right?

Life lessons from a dining room, for real.


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