Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  I’m linking up with one of my favorite blogs again to share five things I’m loving!

  1. La Croix Sparkling water- I used to have a serious diet coke addiction. I kept a case of diet coke’s in my classroom and drank them all day every day.  So so bad.  Last summer I decided to try La Croix in place of diet coke and guess what it worked!!!  I haven’t had a diet coke in so long.

Image result for la croix water

My favorite flavor is the lime, but I also love the Pure and Lemon.

2.  Arro Home–  I stumbled upon this brand on Pinterest and this stuff is theeeee cutest.  I want everything! Their prices aren’t super duper high, but not cheap either.  I would say on par with Crate & Barrel pricing.

Designer Kitchenware Online in Australia | Arro Home:

3. Pineapple ice cube tray– how fun would these be to use in your drink….perhaps in your La Croix?!  Can’t beat that price $3.99!

Pineapple Ice Tray Turquoise:

4. Good Health Veggie Stix – these are so good I literally can’t stop eating them.  Recently I found the sriracha flavor ones, which were a complete game changer!  Most grocery stores carry these in the health food section, or you can buy them on amazon!

5. I’m loving these wise words-

Marvin J. Ashton - October 1992 LDS General Conference #lds #ldsconf #quotes:


Happy Friday!


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