DIY projects i’m loving

This whole “I’m loving” is quickly becoming a theme here at The Casual Cape!  In theory I love a DIY project.  I would say that we’re a wee bit of do-it-yourselvers here at the Casual Cape, in the sense that we paint a room ourselves, change a light fixture, refinish a piece of furniture, etc. Does that count as DIY? When it comes to actual creative DIY projects, we don’t really do those.  I did do a DIY upholstered headboard years ago and let me tell you nothing about that was easy nor fun.  It involved so many serious tools and measuring and just ugh.  Would never do that again! That being said, here are some projects that I’ve seen recently and I would actually consider doing.

Giant clam bowl – I love how these look as decorative accents, even with succulents in them! You can buy one from for a mere $174 or Ethan Allen has a reasonably priced one at $300.  Yeah, RIGHT!  Holy crap that is so expensive!!!!!

Seashore Party Champagne//:

Butttt, great news- I found a DIY clam bowl from  Craftberry Bush blogThe tutorial looks relatively simple…although I will say my experience with anything paper mache has been disastrous.  I one time had the brilliant idea that all my students would make a paper mache egg using blown up balloons and it literally had me in tears at how awful it was. Luckily this seems to not include any paper mache products.

Craftberry Bush: Tutorial - Giant Clam Bowl:


Beaded waterfall chandelier-  even though I talked about wanting a pendant light in the dining room instead of a chandelier, I would definitely make an exception for one like this! They are so beautiful and have that casual coastal vibe I love. Pottery Barn Kids carries one for $200 and World Market sells one for $295. Living Livelier: Beaded Waterfall Chandelier DIY:

This design is in the running for "Best Kitchen" on  Vote if you love it or view more design challengers here-->

There are literally hundreds of DIY tutorials on making these chandeliers. Some of them are overwhelming super duper detailed like this one, or more simple and involve less supplies like this one.

 Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial

Sunburst Mirror– This DIY project I actually did 4 years ago and I still love it.  A sunburst/statment mirror can really make a room so fun.  I currently have three in the Casual Cape – two I bought and one I made, but this DIY was my original sunburst mirror. You actually use plastic spoons!  They are tons of tutorials and you can really make it look any way you want.

DIY Ombré spoons mirror. I attempted an ombré look using gold and bronze spray paint.:


This is the tutorial I used years ago, and it was easy! Here is my mirror today – minus the mirror part.  It’s been moved from three different houses, and during one move the mirror popped off.  I have yet to reattach the mirror, but I kind of like it without!


It also has lost some spoons around the left edge, which I need to fix.  I will say this thing is fragile!

Do you think these DIY projects are doable?  Are they worth it?


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