house wish list

Another day, another list! I told you I love lists! There’s a few things I’m dreaming about for the Casual Cape.  Some items are big ticket items that I’ll continue dreaming about forever, and some are simple things that most likely will be happening!
house wish list



  1.  A grill- Yes, we STILL don’t have a grill and summer is almost over (tear)! Maybe we will finally get one on an end of the summer sale?  People grill in the fall/winter, right?!
  2. Dining room table – I LOVE this one, but I keep thinking maybe I should go with something a tiny bit more traditional?  I’m worried that if we bought a table like this, in 10 years I would hate it.  A table is definitely happening by the fall.
  3. Adorable blue chairs from Target – I need these.  Either to use in the kitchen or dining room or somewhere!  I love them so much!
  4. TV hutch – keep dreaming item.  I love this cabinet, but that’s a pretty hefty price tag.  What we have for our TV now will probably remain, but I am going to change the color.
  5. Pineapple doorknocker- yes please!!  I’m sure I could find a cheaper version somewhere. Maybe a good gift someone could give me (hint, hint hubs).
  6. Outdoor couch – keep dreaming, I know, I know.  Probably never  going to happen BUT it’s just so pretty!  Check out my mood board for our outdoor living space here.
  7. Upholstered bed – love this bed so much.  We currently have no headboard at all and it drives me insane.  We have almost purchased a headboard several times and then never followed through.  Hopefully by the January we will finally get one.
  8. Flush mount drum shade – for the living room.  Definitely going to happen, but I’m finding a cheaper version from Lowes for sure.
  9. Star pendant light – for the stairwell. Love the star, not sure if it would work in the Casual Cape though.  I want something like this but cheaper!
  10. Chandelier- for dinning room.  Once again, I can find a cheaper version at Lowes, but this one is gorgeous.  Another definitely going to happen item, I just have to find the right one for the right price.


Do you have a wish list for your house?  What’s on it?


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